Ministry of Higher Education
New Kuwait

Planning & Research Department

Administration’s Objectives:

Providing specialized technical opinion in the planning work of higher education in Kuwait, and assisting in setting the future vision and drawing up projects and plans that lead to the continuation of the development of higher education and linking it to the society’s goals and needs, by providing the necessary research in each of the areas that fall within the specialties of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Administration tasks:

1-      Translating the state's policies, directions and needs of higher education into short and long-term plans in coordination with the concerned authorities.

2-      Determining the planning needs of data in coordination with the Information Systems Center to create a database for higher education and research.

3-      Monitor the implementation of the approved plans for higher education and ensure that they are updated and developed in line with the state's strategy and directions.

4-      Participate in the preparation of studies and consultations for higher education research to ensure the achievement of the ministry’s desired goals and the exchange of experiences in this field with higher education institutions and other authorities inside and outside Kuwait.

5-      Presenting proposals regarding the capacity in the Ministry of Higher Education, its quality, requirements, methods and development messages, and translating its objectives and policies into applicable plans and projects.

6-      Periodically revision of the course of the higher education system and compare it with the established plans to determine the extent of its achievement and to suggest the necessary steps.

7-      Coordination and cooperation with related institutions inside and outside Kuwait in the field of scientific research by providing them with the necessary data and statistics.

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