Ministry of Higher Education
New Kuwait

About MOHE

   The Ministry of higher Education was established on the 16th of October 1988 by decree number (164/88). Assertion of the Country to give the most attention to Higher Education to increase its effectiveness and expand its various educational aspects. The Ministry oversees plans and programs for the preparations and development of manpower through opportunities for higher education and specialization in various fields of studies in natural sciences and humanities. Graduating the appropriate number of specialists, technicians, and experts in the different branches of science and implementing and creating ways of scientific excellence and competition among students, scholars, and researchers by providing opportunities for outstanding students to continue their postgraduate studies in different scientific fields.

The ministry also sends students on scholarships to universities abroad and coordinates with the Civil Service Council and other parties considering the rules of scholarships and study leaves. Also sending State, organizations, and public institutions employees abroad. Working on unifying the supervisory body of all students’ categories abroad and unifying the rules and conditions that must be met by those universities.

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