Ministry of Higher Education
New Kuwait

Management Development and Training Administration

Administration tasks:

1-Conducting administrative research and following up on the results of studies related to administrative development.

2-Conducting consulting studies and providing technical assistance to the administrative units of the Ministry.

3-Develop appropriate systems to evaluate the performance of employees and analyzing the results.

4-Conducting studies related to work methods and service development.

5-Preparing research on simplifying procedures and workflow.

6-Organizing data, files, office systems, and create administrative database.

7-Develop and improve the relationship between patrons and employees.

8-Issuance of procedures and reference manual.

9-Constant work on developing administrative and functional structures.

10- List, arrange, and classify jobs into groups according to sub-types.  

11- Assign job descriptions and prepare job description cards.

12-Issuance of the regulatory guide for the government.

13-Conducting studies related to qualifying and training programs and courses.

14-Plan a general plan for qualification, training and retraining.

15-Preparing projects for transformational, technical and administrative training programs.

16-Follow up on trainees and prepare periodic reports on them on a regular basis.

17-Identifying and forming the types of training needs and aptitudes.

18-Cooperation with the Civil Service Bureau in all matters related to administrative development.

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