Ministry of Higher Education
New Kuwait

Head of Information systems center management

Administration’s Objectives:

Carrying out the necessary support services for the Ministry and its affiliated institutions in the field of information systems, computing and documentation, and providing services for planning, control, decision-making and other administrative processes.

Administration tasks:

1-      Preparing specialized plans with the use of information systems and technology and supervising the implementation of these plans to ensure the attainment of the desired objectives.

2-      Studying the needs of the various work centers in the ministry and its affiliated institutions with hardware and software and setting technical specifications for them.

3-      Supervising the network of telecommunication lines and internet services and operating them efficiently and fixing the problems that the beneficiaries may encounter while obtaining that service.

4-      Supervising special projects concerning the developing work systems and procedures via computing.

5-      Contribute in the simplification and development of the work systems and procedures, using information technology.

6-      Providing opinions and suggestions related to the development of work in the Ministry and its affiliated institutions.

7-      Public Relations and Citizen Service Administration.

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Head of Information systems center management:

Saad AL-Obaid





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