Ministry of Higher Education
New Kuwait

Minister's Office

Objectives of the Office of the Minister of Higher Education:

Providing technical and clerical assistance to the Minister, with regard to organizing and following up the office affairs and maintaining their confidentiality and privacy.

Duties of the Office of the Minister of Higher Education:

1-Receiving transactions and mail of the Minister, ensuring their confidentiality, preserving them and presenting them to him.

2- Preparing the agendas of His Excellency the Minister.

3-Providing office and material supplies for the minister’s meetings and interviews.

4-Keeping reports, correspondences and other documents related to the work of the Minister.

5-Implementation of printing, photocopying, electronic correspondence services and other secretarial matters.

6-Receiving the memoranda and decisions issued by the Council of Ministers and the messages of the Council's General Secretariat and presenting them to the Minister to take the necessary action.

7-Referring the memoranda and transactions of the higher councils to the concerned authorities to study and report on them before a decision is made by the minister.

8-Providing data, statistics, tables, and preparing reports for the meetings of the higher councils.

9-Arranging and facilitating the visits of officials and guests of His Excellency the Minister, and making the necessary arrangements before their arrival and during the visit to ensure their comfort and meet their needs in coordination with the Public Relations and Information Department of the Ministry.

10-Coordinating with the concerned authorities and preparing arrangements regarding the minister's duties and visits outside Kuwait.

11-Supervise the training needs of the office’s staff, in coordination with the Administrative Development and Training Department.

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