Ministry of Higher Education
New Kuwait

Scientific Certificates Equivalency Administration

Administration tasks:

1-       Prepare a plan to simplify the equivalency procedures for applicants in coordination with the concerned authorities.

2-      Representing the Ministry in committees and institutions concerned with the equivalence of certificates and preparing memos and reports in this regard.

3-      Prepare a plan of agreements for the equivalencies with other specializations in the country.

4-      Prepare a plan to assist in the certificate equivalency service applicants, and how to respond to their inquiries and meet their needs.

5-      Prepare a plan for the equivalencies of Arab and foreign certificates, and determining the bases and criteria for their approval.

6-      Supervising the training needs for the management’s staff, in coordination with the Administrative Development and Training Department.

Orgonization Structure

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Head of Scientific Certificates Equivalency Administration:

Nada Al-Abdullah





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