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Cultural Relations Administration

  Administration’s Objectives:

The Department of Cultural Relations Administration promotes cultural exchange and that is to implement the agreements, programs, and cultural projects that are concluded between the State of Kuwait and neighboring countries, which includes the joint cooperation in the scientific and research fields ensuring the highest quality between the institute of higher education and scientific centers in both countries. Also, exchanging scholarships for higher education and studies of technical and professional levels where they are coordinated through diplomatic channels. The department also supervises the cultural offices and monitors their activities in accordance with the rules and regulations of the ministry.

Administration tasks:

1-      Preparing agreements, programs and memoranda of understanding for higher education and scientific research to be determined between the State of Kuwait and other countries.

2-      Coordinating between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and institutions of higher education, Kuwait University, the Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research and technical institutes.

3-      Participating in the meetings of the higher committees between the State of Kuwait and neighboring countries.

4-      Attending the meetings of the coordinating committees between the State of Kuwait and various countries to finalize the agreements concerning higher education and scientific research in the higher committees meetings with other countries.

5-      The administration acts as a link between state institutions and cultural offices to provide them with all correspondence, circulars and decisions relating to matters of cultural relations.

6-      Representing the Ministry of Higher Education and higher education institutions at the General Secretariat of the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf in Riyadh.

7-      Follow up the execution of all items included in the agreements, memoranda, and executive programs in the field of higher education and scientific research.

8-      Welcoming attaches, cultural advisors or embassy representatives of neighboring countries to discuss common matters and interests in a manner that serves the interests of both parties.

9-      Prepare annual scholarship plans for high school students, both in scientific and literary fields, and announce it for Kuwaiti students who are applicable.

10-   Prepare annual scholarship plans for higher education students offered by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

11-   Supervise the new scholarships students and issue the rules that need to be met for enrollment.

12-   Academic supervision and follow up scholarship students.

13-   Participation in the permanent higher committee on agreements for higher education, scientific research and scholarships.

14-   Coordination with higher education institutions and the concerned authorities in the Ministry on official visits of delegations related to cultural affairs, higher education, and scientific research.

15-   Supervising the cultural offices, following up their activities, and announcing them in the daily newspapers to ensure their compliance with the Ministry's rules and regulations.

16-   Consider renewing the license of private offices every year.

17-   Consider requests to hold educational exhibitions inside Kuwait.

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