Ministry of Higher Education
New Kuwait

Department of Cabinet Affairs and National Assembly Affairs

Administration’s Objectives:

The administration receives letters and documents issued to and received by the Ministry related to the affairs of the National Assembly, the Council of Ministers, and ministerial committees. It also supervises the preparation for the meetings of the National Assembly and the Council of Ministers and prepares the topics on the agenda of the Ministry of Higher Education.

Administration tasks:

1-      Prepare periodic reports on the achievements of the organizational units associated to the Cabinet and National Assembly Affairs Department.

2-      Prepare for the National Assembly and Cabinet’s Committees of the work of the Ministry and the Minister.

3-      Attending the sessions of the National Assembly and receiving the reports of the sessions, for safekeeping, organizing, and classifying them.

4-      Supervising and following up on preparing the appropriate correspondences to the inquiries and questions of the members of the National Assembly and the Council of Ministers related to issues associated to the Minister of Higher Education in coordination with the applicable authorities.

5-      Prepare the appropriate correspondences for the complaints submitted by the Council of Ministers and the National Assembly.

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