Ministry of Higher Education
New Kuwait

Public Relations and Citizen Service Department

Administration tasks:

1-      Forming and spreading a positive objective of the ministry to the Kuwaiti people and explaining the role it takes in the improvement and betterment of society through the media.

2-      Attend to what is published about the ministry in all media.

3-      Communicate and establish good relations with the relevant institutions in the Ministry.

4-      Publication of advertisements for the Ministry.

5-      Working on improving and highlighting the Ministry’s image towards ministries, government and private institutions, universities, research centers, and society in general, and strengthening the Ministry’s relationship with these various bodies, both internally and externally, in coordination with the relevant organizational units.

6-      Preparing a plan for participation in official and popular events and celebrations and exhibitions in order to introduce the Ministry and highlight its important role in Kuwaiti society.

7-      Supervising the public relations program of the ministry.

8-      Supervising the activities of reception, hospitality, media and conferences, directing them optimally to serve the directives and objectives of the Ministry and highlighting the effective role it plays in serving the Kuwaiti society.

9-      Organizing and participating in conferences and meetings in the Ministry.

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