Ministry of Higher Education
New Kuwait

Financial Affairs Administration

Administration tasks:

1-Overlooking the financial affairs of the Ministry and its administration in coordination with the rules and regulations.

2-Preparing the Ministry’s budget according to the rules of the Ministry of Finance, preparing the required inventory assessments on an annual basis, and monitoring the implementation of the approved budget.

3-Keeping books and accounting records and making accounting entries related to financial affairs.

4- Participate in the preparation of financial panels, decisions and regulations related to students studying abroad.

5-Conducting financial operations that ensure the implementation of the ministry's plans related to the state's instructions in the field of scholarships and other future plans and projects.

6-Carry out the financial operations necessary to transfer cash payments to meet the expenses of students and external cultural offices.

7-Carrying out operations of the Ministry’s expenses that take place inside the State of Kuwait or those that are spent abroad, related to cultural offices.

8- Pay employees’ payments in the Ministry and its affiliated sectors.

9-Preparing and offering tenders and practices, studying and evaluating offers, finalizing contracts, disbursing the dues of contractors and suppliers, and maintaining a record of suppliers.

10-Preparing lists of students who are entitled to the social reward and disbursing those entitlements.

11-Prepare financial statements and reports, monthly audit balances, keeping bank accounts, bank settlements, and the necessary forms to prepare the final account of the ministry, and the necessary regular settlements and balances, and other such matching of cash balances available at the cultural offices.

12-Reviewing and settling the joint financial operations between the Ministry and all government agencies that undertake cultural offices to pay for the scholarships from the Ministry’s accounts.

13-Attest the indebtedness that may result from the academic decisions of students or those resulting from changes in the financial and social conditions of employees, and then follow up on their collection.

14-Conducting the annual inventory of the Ministry and forming committees to dispose of materials outside the scope of expenditure, in addition to recording the movement of incoming and outgoing materials.

15-Providing financial statements and clarifications that are requested from the supervisory authorities in the country, responding to their observations, and preparing the necessary reports to verify the integrity of the internal control systems.

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