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His Excellency the Minister of Oil and Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Latif Al-Faris, met with the President of the Kuwaiti Society for Inventors and Innovation Support Dr. Fatima Al-Thalab and her accompanying delegation. The meeting was held to meet the future team, listen to their current and future projects, and pay homage to them for their participation in several international competitions, and their winning of prizes in the name of Kuwait in specialized exhibitions for inventions and innovation. Including their participation in the Korea Young Inventors Competition for “My Eco-Friendly School project” and their winning of a bronze medal in 2020, and their winning of three gold medals during their participation in the Malaysia International Young Inventors Competition 2021 for an environmentally friendly port project and smart barriers project. They won two gold medals for the Breakwater Project at the Geneva Inventors’ Fair in Switzerland and registered the name of the State of Kuwait in the exhibition’s honorary plaque. They also won 5 gold, silver, and bronze medals at the INA, International Exhibition of Inventors, in Germany 2018. In addition to winning first place locally at state level in the Kuwait Science and Engineering Competition, and the Green Environment Competition.


His Excellency the Minister expressed his gratitude in meeting a group of young inventors who are future leaders after listening and discussing their projects that won local and international prizes, through a speech in which he said that what makes us proud today is the State of Kuwait’s encouragement of innovation, artificial intelligence and technology among its citizens, especially the youth category, which comes in line with its 2035 development plan to transform Kuwait into a financial and economic center based on knowledge and innovation. Investment in innovation has become imperative to enhance human creativity and economic production.

Al-Fares also thanked the president and members of the Kuwait Society for Supporting Inventors and Innovation, and in particular the professors who supervised the future team for their incubation and optimal investment in human resources and the development of our children’s capabilities in the field of innovation and invention, to raise a generation capable of taking over its duties in the future, building the nation and strengthening its resilience. He called young adults to the importance of continuing their educational achievements while developing their skills in the field of innovation and invention, and to be confident in their abilities and aspire to the highest levels of achievements and launch into the world to reflect the honorable image of our dear country, Kuwait. Youth are the real wealth of the nation.


Further, the President of the Kuwaiti Society for Supporting Inventors and Innovation, Dr. Fatima Al-Thalab, praised the support and interest of His Excellency Minister Dr. Muhammad Al-Faris for all innovators’ issues, and the efforts and initiatives that serve the interest of promoting scientific research and highlighting Kuwaiti talents, and providing possibilities for the dissemination of a culture of innovation, and benefiting from the experiences of inventors. In strengthening the innovation system, I thanked him for embracing his sons’ inventors as honorary president of the association and providing support to them by honoring them, which is a parental gesture not surprising from His Excellency, confirming the association’s interest and its constant endeavor to adopt talents and create scientific conditions for more innovations down the line and complementary with the national plan for innovation.

At the end of the meeting, His Excellency the Minister of Oil and Higher Education honored the future team, namely Professors Imad Zain, Head of Chemistry Department, Osama Qutb Sharmana, Laboratory Supervisor, and team members Ahmed Al-Matrouk, Talal Al-Shehab, Fahd Walid Al-Qabandi, Suhail Osama Al-Suhail, Yaqoub Muhammad Al-Shamri.


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